Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Respected Shri Narendra Modi ji speaking at the launch of the Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation on the 92nd birth anniversary of Pandit Jasraj ji


India has been known to be a vibrant land of art and culture through the ages, with Music being an intrinsic part of this vivacity. It holds the distinction of being the only country in the world with 2 diverse & extremely rich traditions of Classical Music, viz. Hindustani and Carnatic. History is witness to the fact that Indian Classical Music has stood the test of time – hundreds of years have passed with it being in existence. The origins of this form of Music are found in our ancient scriptures, traditions and the Vedas, passed down through generations. An inheritance of glory and pride.

 The History

The inception of our music is “Om” – which is but a kriya of breathing, followed by its presence in the Vedic doctrine of Samaveda. It is also believed that melody started with Krishna’s Bansuri and Rhythm started with Lord Shiva’s Damru. It is further believed that the 5 fundamental raags, based on Panchtatva, are created by Lord Shiva and Raag Malkauns which symbolises the soul – Atma, is created by Mata Parvati. Our music is deeply entrenched in spirituality and the scriptures, which still resonates through it.

Traditional Music forms a very important and inherent part of India’s National Heritage, Art and Culture –essentially the most common way of celebrating and connecting with Culture and Traditions.

Pandit Jasraj ji in current times, is one such doyen of Music, whose firm conviction in the wisdom of our ancient knowledge, brought the Sanskrit scriptures written by Jagat Guru Adi Shankaracharya, Vallabhacharya, Shlokas, Maha Mantras and many other powerful scriptures to regular Music Concerts worldwide, overcoming language barriers with his Divine Voice. 

The Maestro

The impact his belief and his music has had on audiences across the world is universal – audiences were often left in raptures with tears rolling down their eyes, feeling the presence of Lord Krishna amongst them, and voices echoing in unison with “Om NamoBhagwateVasudevay” or “Govind DamodarMadhaveti” or “Mata Kalika”.

Pandit Jasraj ji became the first musician to take “Haveli Sangeet” or “Pushti Margi Sangeet” from Lord Krishna’s temples to the masses across the world and single-handedly made it popular. We believe that this was destined by Lord Krishna himself or else the impact it has had is just unimaginable! 

His music is spiritually elevating, serves as a remedy for stress and is also known to have healed ailments. Many Doctors and hospitals have experimented with his music, and amongst the beneficiaries are patients and their families with innumerable experiences to share, which today stand as testimony to this power of his music.

The Distinction

Amongst all the creations of music in India there are many genres in Hindustani Classical Music such as Khyal, Dhrupad, Thumri, Dadra and others… although, it is not clearly documented who specifically created these. Over the last century, Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji is probably the only musician who created a new genre. It signifies Gender Equality amongst male and female musicians, as they present 2 different Raags in 2 different octaves while creating melodious music together. Through Pandit Ji’s relentless efforts this genre today has become extremely popular and is performed across both Hindustani and Carnatic Classical Musicians. Music lovers in Pune quite aptly named it “Jasrangi”. 

The Legend & Legacy

His entire musical journey and eternal legacy has positives which heal the mind, body and soul. We strongly feel, like Yoga, our traditional music and especially Pandit Jasraj ji’s music should be showcased and popularised in all its elements and glory, collating its various creative elements and presenting them in a contemporary manner without diluting the core.

It is indeed a mammoth & delicate task, which will be the Creative compass of the Foundation.

The Foundation has been setup as a tribute to the Legend and to carry forward the Legacy. It is a sincere attempt to make a positive impact on the rich & diverse Traditional Cultural Heritage of our great country, and to build it up as a proficient and profitable sector.




The Primary Objective of the PANDIT JASRAJ CULTURAL FOUNDATION (a Non- Profit Section 8 company) is to Protect, Preserve, Develop and Promote National Heritage, Art & Culture of India.

Development & Promotion of the Cultural heritage of our Nation has tremendous potential, as a business and employment sector.

Efforts towards sustained and focussed development of this great wealth of India’s Cultural Heritage resources, will result in a huge economic impact by generating local employment, revitalising local communities and enabling global visibility & recognition of indigenous skills/ talent, while also creating social equity and dignity of the people in this undermined sector.

And most importantly, the creation and resuscitation of Intangible Cultural resources generating high impact, popular, vibrant and measurable outputs.



Preservation & Promotion of
Traditional Music



Education and
R & D

To remain true to the guiding Philosophy and rich Legacy of the Legend – Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji, the Foundation will develop and launch various Programmes to successfully execute the stated Objective, and make a quantifiable & meaningful impact on the overall Indian Traditional Cultural Heritage eco-system.

Existing Programmes will be continuously reviewed and modified with the wisdom of the esteemed Advisory Board and also develop new Programmes to make a deeper impact, over the coming years.

  • Initiate, on a National scale, Recordings and Music Videos featuring myriad Musicians performing across genres. This National initiative, will for the first time, include Musicians of all hues and genres being featured in International standard quality recording sessions and video shoots. Such quality content creation will form the largest and most diverse library of Indian Traditional Music in India’s history. Showcase all the content on mainstream OTT, digital and social media platforms.
  • Curating large format, multi-day, multi-genre, Indian Cultural Music Festivals across India and globally. This will especially be done keeping in mind cities/ towns where large Festivals aren’t normally held.
  • Augment facilities of existing Performing Arts infrastructure, viz. existing Libraries, Museums, Auditoriums, Amphitheatres, and others across the country. The Foundation will undertake professional assessments of the infrastructure gaps existing in selected facilities and enable the refurbishment/ restoration activity along with putting in place a formal operational mechanism for sustaining the upgrade, thereby establishing a national standard of performing arts infrastructure facilities, critical in promoting our Cultural Heritage.
  • Talent mentoring program for Vocalists, Instrumentalists, and Percussionists – to identify upcoming talent from across the world. Protection of our Traditional Cultural Heritage is only possible with the steady introduction of fresh blood and modern thought processes… introduction of appropriate mentoring/ training interventions for them, is much required, in order to maximise the development of the talent at the earliest age possible.


  • Traditional Instrument Makers – A Sustainable Livelihoods Program to pool together Instrument Makers and present skill based employment opportunities in their core skills of Instrument maintenance, repair and making new instruments.
  • Artistes as Teachers – A Sustainable Livelihoods Program to effectively and specifically match Traditional Indian Musicians worldwide, with students, sorting the most relevant teachers for the discipline/ genre/ style, for both in-person and online Teaching.Build a repository of Teaching talent available for resource building across Government institutions, Universities, Colleges and schools across the country.
  • Provide monetary assistance to Artistes across the Cultural spectrum for timely Medical Aid for different kinds of medical treatment – this will be a direct pay-out to the Hospital/ institution for the treatment required. 
  • Medical Insurance schemes designed to make Insurance cover an affordable proposition for Musicians. This will be a crucial role in providing basic support to the Musician/s, who do not have a structured income pattern throughout their professional career.
  • The eligibility criteria, terms and conditions will developed in detail for each of the above in due course.
  •  Design and make available to general public – short term Courses, Workshops, and Lecture demonstrations, in both physical and online modes
  •  Develop and introduce Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses across Traditional Indian Music, which can also be introduced in International and Indian Universities as a specialised study course of Indian Music
  •  R&D of the History of our Heritage & Culture of Music as well as potential innovations. Technical Research around the Musical contributions of various Legends and Musicians.

Hyderabad Samaroha

51st Pt. Motiram Pt. Maniram Sangeet Samaroha



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with the blessings of Madhura Pandit Jasraj
Mentors - Advisory Board
  • Late Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Padma Vibhushan
  • Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Padma Vibhushan
  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Padma Vibhushan
  • Dr. L Subramaniam, Padma Bhushan
  • Dr. N Rajam, Padma Bhushan
  • Anup Jalota, Padma Shri
Advisory Board
  • NK Singh – IAS(retd.)
  • Arvind Kumar, IAS
  • Jayesh Ranjan, IAS 
  • Anjani Kumar, IPS
  • Mahesh M Bhagwat, IPS
  • Girija Shankar-Senior Journalist
  • Jaimin Bhatt 
  • Bhagyesh Jha – Former Culture Secretary, Government of Gujarat
  • Mukul Mudgal – Former Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court
  • Vikram Mehra – MD, Saregama India Ltd.
Cultural Advisory Board
  • Goswamy Shyam Manohar
  • Bhagwat Acharya Venu Gopal Goswami
  • Shaarangdev Pandit – Son of Pandit Jasraj, Music Composer
  • Pandit Dinesh – Music Producer & Percussionist
  • Jatin Pandit – Music Composer
  • Lalit Pandit – Music Composer
  • Niladri Kumar – Musician
  • Kailash Kher, Padma Shri – Musician
  • Salim Merchant – Music Composer
  • Ramesh Narayan – Music Composer and Vocalist
  • Dr. Piush Kumar
  • Priya Kumari Rana – Luxury and Lifestyle Journalist
  • Nitya Singh – Royal family of Sanand, Gujarat
Programming Committee
  • Rattan Mohan Sharma
  • Kedar Pandit
  • Ramkumar Mishra
  • Anand Sharma
  • S Shashank
  • Ram Dixit
  • Gautam Kale
  • Ankita Joshi   
Executive Committee
  • Suhas Kamath
  • Ashraf Ansari
Foundation Officers
  • Dev Sharma
  • Vimla Sippy
  • Avni Jasraj
  • Pawan Mandal 
  • Mahima Neil
  • Anil Rajhan
  • Atul Dubey

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Guru Vandana

Written and Composed by :
Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji
Musical Arrangement by :
Shaarangdev Pandit
Sung by :
Disciples of Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj ji


Launch Event
Launch Event

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Respected Shri Narendra Modi ji speaking at the launch of the Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation on the 92nd birth anniversary of Pandit Jasraj ji

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English rendering of PM’s message at the launch of Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation
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